A Simpleton's Quest

While tending to the usual daily activities around the keep, a simpleton approached from a distance bearing a message from his master. A quest was offered, to retrieve a rather large sword from a rather large orc. Lancelot Theodore Boyle, Rowdy Smokyfur Lucifer Qilo, Melfice, Kenji Noboru and Ridma Shalyn readied themselves and departed. Along the way they had encountered a group of bandits, one of which was inevitably killed. The others they were able to capture. The party turned in the bandits to the town of canals along the way.

Arriving at the designated location the party first decided to scout the building. Ridma used a scroll of invisibility while rowdy went in cat form as to arouse no suspicion. Ridma stumbled making a modest amount of sound, two of the buildings inhabitants came out in response. They noticed the waggon the party used to approach the location in the distance up the road. They set out towards it, being tailed by Ridma Rowdy and Kenji, Melfice charged at his first opportunity. We discerned the name of one of the individuals, Bill, though both were slain in rapid form before they could call out to anyone inside the building. Ridma used “Alter Self” to take bells form and race, then attempted to infiltrate the building. Calling to the first person he found inside to come outside into an ambush set by the others. Though the suspect adept fell for the rouse, one of Bills closer associates noted that something was off, so the adept put Ridma’s human form to sleep. The party quickly realized something was not right, so they rushed in for their comrades. Upon waking, Ridma released his human form. Moving into the second room, many enemies were sighted. Ridma blanketed the area with a necromatic spell, fatiguing and slowly freezing everyone inside. The large orc of whom we came for, ran in fear out the back door. Melfice immidately gave chase by turning through the front door of which we came. rowdy was put to sleep by another adept, Kenji and Ridma fought to dispatch the enemies in the room in order to rescue their comrade.

meanwhile, the fatigued orc made his way in anger for Melfice, who easily tripped and slain the orc. Then made his own entrance into the room to assist Kenji and Ridma in clearing the room. while gathering look and taking an inventory and healing injuries, a large ogre approached wearing a business suit. The ogre identified himself as the one who will make the exchange for his master, leaving us with a small hill of copper coins and taking the sword. Irritated, the party followed him. They attempted to reason with the creature, but he would not head to reasoning. So Ridma used his scroll of enlarge person to give Melfice a boost, so he could trip the ogre. Irritated, the ogre then reasoned with the party. A deal was struck, the ogre would carry the copper to town where it could be exchanged and in exchange the party would participate in a drinking game with the ogre, who then reviled his name, Grokthar.

Melfice, Ridma, Rowdy and Grokthar went toe to toe in the match of drinking, Melfice paying for the ogres drinks and meals. The participating members drank the ogre under the table, collapsing where he sit. While they were drinking they met two new persons whom are now comrades for adventures, Furi’shai Deloran and Malik Retremont.

A Simpleton's Quest

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