The Burning Forest

This will be the second session. The party receives a new mission! This time it (hopefully) won’t suck! :P

Here is the synopsis. Sorry guys, I just don’t have the time or energy right now to write the entire thing out in story format as I did on the first one. I will eventually be turning them into a book anyways. I just have college and homework and the like to do that makes my brain hurt enough without having to write too much more just to keep track of DnD sessions :P

-From the courtyard of the temples, a random person comes up and introduces himself. This is only mildly weird, and we should always trust strangers*! Ulubad is the only one to actually see this person before he introduces himself…. Jahk only noticed him because just seconds before, this person was a cat…. the very one that Ulubad failed to kill. (Met Rowdy)
-Given house to sleep for the night.
-Met a new character, who ran into them screaming and laughing maniacally away from what looked like a temple burning in the distance (met Lancelot)
-Guards came up looking for him, who was hiding in a haybale. The warforged told the guards that he ran past them, and the guards believed him.
-After finding a needle in one of the hay bales (literally…) the new person introduced himself and thanked the party for the help
-….quiver and shio were sleeping, while Lear was screaming at everyone to shut up so he could do the same.
-At this point, the warforged leaves the group to sleep, while he heads to the library to research dragons.
-The next morning, the party is woken by loud knocking on their door. It is Sir Harvo, with another unknown paladin behind him. Sir Harvo lets the party know that there is an urgent matter that the party is needed for.
-Strange large pawprints have been found outside the city walls. The prints were singed around the edges, and various shrubbery was also burned around the prints. The party was summoned to figure out where they lead.
-Sir Harvo has important matters to attend to, and assigns a new paladin to the group to “help” them… I’m sure he has no ulterior motives…. nahh. (Group meets “Sir” Arthur (“King Arthur”) Menethil)
-Following the tracks out of town, they run into a clearing in the forest with a large rock, where the tracks seem to stop.
-With keen eyes one of the party sees a hidden Hell Hound behind some trees, and attack it before it can jump on them.
-After a couple arrows to the poor puppy’s face, it dies, just in time for 2 more Hell Hounds to jump out and attack the party
-Other than the epic fail of Lear as he shot his crossbow directly into Lancelot’s chest, not much else is worth mentioning as they slaughtered the “cute” puppy doggehs.
-Upon killing the hounds, the party noticed the blood on the ground boiling adn steaming, and the bodies being eaten away as if by acid.
-The collars on the hounds were the only things they managed to find in the corpses, 2 silver gemmed collars, and a single gemmed collar made of gold.
-After killing the poor poor puppies, the party went a bit farther and found a cave.
-The robed woman in front of the cave shouted at them, asking them what they were doing and why they were coming to the cave.
-The answer that the party chose was akin to “fuck off, you stupid crazy necromancer bitch”…. or something along those lines.
-This did not go over well with the robed woman, who proceeded to call the 2 skeleton archers to shoot the party, while she did her own weird…. things.
-After subduing the woman via fire, death, slicing, and other ragey-happy-hurty things…. and having the cat pee on the woman so she didn’t die from fire… The party decided to interrogate her.
-This required getting the paladin out of their hair; Good thing the paladin had a distinct interest in that shiny rock over there!

-….to be continued… /tired ._.

The Burning Forest

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