Pantheon and Religions


  • “Bloodfire” – A deity that is not known very well outside of Potentia Auctoritas. He is extremely powerful, and, more than likely, extremely evil.
  • Minora Wolfthorn – A Goddess of wolves, nature, forests and life. She is known to communicate to her worshipers either directly or using proxies in the forms of wolves or other forest animals. Her symbol is a glowing wolf head encircled by vines.

Orders and Cults

  • Potentia Auctoritas – Relatively new cult devoted to an evil god. Not much is known about this god by most, except that he is extremely powerful. This god has been referred to as “Bloodfire”, though his real name is not widely known outside of PA and some minor cults.
  • Order of the Wolf – Religious order dedicated to serving Minora and the Queen of Minthorn. They patrol the forests around Minthorn and keep the forests free of evil. Clerics, druids, and paladins of all races are commonly found in their employ.

Pantheon and Religions

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